Support the Marjorie D. Jung Expressive and Creative Arts Endowment Fund!

Marjorie D. Jung is an Expressive Art Facilitator with an educational background in theater arts and audiology. She is also an emeritus member of the faculty with UConn Health where she served for 25 years as a program developer, clinician, and educator in the field of audiology.

The "Marjorie D. Jung Expressive and Creative Arts Endowment Fund" was established through the UConn Foundation in 2015. Marjorie created this fund to help inspire UConn students and healthcare professionals to use nature and expressive and creative arts to help reduce stress; invite mindfulness; and promote a consciousness of our interconnectedness with all of life's creations. This fund is used to help support honorariums, materials, etc. for regional artists who are invited to participate in workshops, presentations, and other UConn sponsored activities.

Charitable contributions can be made to this fund through this page or by contacting Mr. Aaron Frankel, Assistant Director of Development, Health Sciences, UConn Foundation, Inc., 10 Talcott Notch Road, Suite 100, Farmington, CT 06032. Office # (860) 679-6039 or Cell # (860) 214-8797 or

The "Eco-Self" is a way to see and define one's self as an equal member of the earth community. Using this shift in thinking, we connect more deeply with nature, and see ourselves as part of it. *

*Book - Nature and the ART of Self-Expression – S.E. Fox and M.D. Jung -

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