The Leadership Legacy Experience recognizes and invites the University's most exceptional student leaders to participate in a year-long leadership enhancement experience that is immersive, comprehensive, substantive, and builds on their legacy as University leaders and helps prepare them for a life of commitment and contribution beyond graduation.

The funds donated here will support the Legacy experiences and initiatives which assist not only our diverse cohort of Legacy students in their personal development, but also will help maintain the quality of a highly collaborative, campus-wide, and multi-faceted leadership development program benefiting the entire University community.Legacy's aim is to help students:

  • Deepen their understanding of their abilities and responsibilities as members and leaders in society beyond graduation.
  • Form life-long connections with their peers.
  • Develop networking relationships with University alumni who are supportive of their development as leaders.
  • Solidify their legacy as University of Connecticut student leaders.
  • Prepare themselves for life as individuals who lead through actions that are selfless, civically motivated, and socially responsible.
In addition to bi-weekly discussions, outdoor experiences, and alumni and faculty mentoring, Legacy has established itself as a program that invites the entire campus community to think, explore, and learn more about emerging topics that will affect all of us as individuals, a University, a nation, and a global community through The Legacy Speaker Series. The Legacy Speaker Series invites local, regional, and national leaders from a multitude of fields and industries to share and explore the concepts and applications of leadership in their areas of expertise. Legacy, with its inter-disciplinary, collaborative, and forward-looking approach, has hosted presentations and discussions on such varied topics as politics, public education, robotics, genomics, sports broadcasting, civil rights, Parkinson's research, space exploration, health care and much more. A Sample of The Legacy Speaker Series Featured Speakers:
  • Panel: Triggering Debate: Guns In The United States, 2016
  • Dr. Steven Hamburg: Fuel for Debate: Climate Change and Carbon Emissions, 2015
  • Panel: Angry Tweet or True Threat? Freedom of Speech on Social Media, 2015
  • Dr. Anita Hill: Speaking Truth to Power, 2014
  • Governor Dannel Malloy: Leadership in Times of Crisis, 2014
  • Dr. Edison Liu: Genomics Science, Medicine & Your Future, 2013
  • Bill Rasmussen: Sports. Media. Empire. Founding ESPN, 2012
  • Kurt Andersen: The Year of the Protestor, 2012
  • Dr. Steven Adamowski: The Future of Public Education, 2011
  • Michael J. Fox: Eternal Optimist, 2010
  • Nadine Strossen: Civil Liberties Today, 2009
  • Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz: The Future of Space Exploration, 2007

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