Support the 100 Years of Women Scholarship

Honoring those who excel academically and in the service of promoting gender equity.

The 100 Years of Women Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 to honor a current UConn student or a high school senior planning to enroll in the University of Connecticut who, as a role model or advocate, has advanced the role and contributions of women in society.

We are pleased to share messages from this year's recipients:

"The 100 Years of Women Scholarship is so important in multiple ways. It not only recognizes the achievements of those serving women in their communities, it proves the worth of the individuals and the work they have been doing by helping recipients further their education and increase their ability to continue to do the work that they love. The 100 Years of Women Scholarship has helped me in all of these ways, and I only hope that it will continue to honor those who do such necessary work for years to come." - Lyn Alexander

It is an incredible honor to have been selected as a recipient of the 100 Years of Women Scholarship and the legacy it represents. Feminism has played such an essential role in my upbringing, and I try to reflect these values in my academic studies, work, and extracurricular involvement. I owe so much of what I have to the female role models and advocates in my family, academia, and from countless other walks of life. I hope to someday give back as our generous donors have in support of a new generation working to advance female opportunity." -Giorgina Paiella

"Receiving this award has inspired me to take a more active role as a female leader on campus, helping to empower other women and sharing the advice of my favorite mentor who would say 'Own Your Greatness'." - Becky Acabchuk

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