Support the Dr. Sue Saunders Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) Professional Development Award Fund

The Dr. Sue Saunders Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) Professional Development Award fund was established to honor the commitment and dedication of Dr. Saunders to the development of graduate students in the HESA program at UConn. This fund will support a student who participates in professional development activities (e.g. conferences, courses, webinars, publications, research activities, etc.).

This 2015 – 2016 academic year will be the final year at UConn for Dr. Sue Saunders, who currently serves as Extension Professor and Director of the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration Program. Sue shares considerable gratitude for having the privilege of serving as a student affairs administrator and faculty member for 43 years. Her career includes service as a program coordinator and faculty member in the College Student Affairs Administration Program at the University of Georgia. In addition to teaching and research positions, Dr. Saunders has served as the Dean of Student Affairs (CSAO) at Lycoming College (PA), as Dean of Students and as Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees at Longwood University (VA), and in other administrative positions in Virginia, Georgia, and West Virginia. Her Ph.D. in counseling and student personnel services is from the University of Georgia. She is the author of more than 45 publications, including Supervising New Professionals in Student Affairs (2003) and Learning through Supervised Practice in Student Affairs (2014), both written with colleagues from Virginia Tech and the University of Georgia. She also served as the chair of the 2008 ACPA National Convention. Her scholarly and professional contributions have been recognized through her selection for ACPA Annuit Coeptis award, ACPA Leadership Foundation Diamond Honoree program, and ACPA Senior Scholars.

The focus of the UConn HESA program is to develop reflective practitioners in student affairs. The courses and experiences are diverse and reflect the best of contemporary student affairs practice. The core of the HESA program is a 44-credit hour curriculum featuring classes taught by student affairs practitioners as well as full-time faculty scholars. Each year, HESA admits a cohort of approximately 18-20 students into the program. All full-time students are placed in graduate assistantships to provide the professional and practical experience that allows students to apply theory to practice.

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