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The Cuban healthcare system, internationally recognized as one of the most efficient in the developing world, presents great opportunities for learning. Cuba's innovative approaches to public health have the potential to contribute to the solution of some urgent health problems in the U.S. and other modern, industrialized countries. With this initiative, we are committed to building international research collaborations with Cuba in order to identify and test novel approaches to public health promotion and education that can be implemented in other countries, while mutually assisting our Cuban collaborators with the resources and tools they need to advance their research in healthcare to gain the most out of their flourishing healthcare system.

Funds for this initiative will be used to develop important innovative health solutions through interdisciplinary partnerships between professionals in the U.S., Cuba and other countries. We will develop new ways of understanding and addressing health disparities and of tackling some of the most pressing public health and health behavior issues of the 21st century, including but not limited to cancer, HIV/AIDS, addictions, and obesity. We will also implement a state-of-the-art biostatistics research infrastructure that will be employed to help Cuba empirically test new, multilevel strategies that can inform public health campaigns, practices, and policies throughout Cuba and in other countries. In this spirit, we ask that you invest in a project committed to expanding the range of much needed, effective health promotion responses available to health professionals, by helping us learn from a country of innovative researchers, health care providers and others who have developed novel solutions to many of our shared public health problems.

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