Give to the ​Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI) Helps Students & Faculty Become Successful Entrepreneurs.

CCEI strives to inspire and support a robust interdisciplinary entrepreneurial culture across the entire university. We believe that students and faculty who can gain practical experience in entrepreneurship and innovation will be more successful in their careers, either as innovative employees or self-employed entrepreneurs.

Through programs such as CCEI Summer Fellowship, Accelerate UConn, Verge Consulting Group, Innovation Accelerator, Entrepreneurship Life Sciences Initiative, and others, CCEI provides training, mentoring, support, and connections that help entrepreneurs navigate the processes of developing and refining a business idea, the ideation, creating and testing a proof-of-concept, and successfully entering the market to drive economic growth.

CCEI engages alumni and other community stakeholders to create opportunities for UConn entrepreneurs to validate and refine their products and service. Alumni and community stakeholders are welcome to get involved in many ways, including entrepreneurship-in-residence, mentoring, industry experts, guest appearances, and more. CCEI welcomes and encourages participation and involvement from all alumni.

With your support, Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation can continue to gain ground and provide enhanced levels of support, programs, and mentorship to entrepreneurs across the university and throughout the state.

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