Support the UConn Small World Initiative!

Housed in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the UConn Small World Initiative is part of a network of institutions across the globe that encourages students to pursue careers in science while addressing a worldwide health threat – the diminishing supply of effective antibiotics.

Your gift to the UConn Small World Initiative fund will support the development of introductory science courses that provide UConn undergraduates with real-world laboratory and field research experience. Gifts will also support undergraduate independent projects extending from the course and enable course instructors to attend trainings, workshops, and conferences related to this innovative program.

For more information or to give to another fund in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, please contact the UConn Foundation at (800) 269-9965 or (860) 486-5000.

To discuss options for making a gift of more than $5,000, please contact a CLAS development officer.