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Charles Litsky Memorial Scholarship A Project of CLAS Department of Journalism: Journalism Fund

The Charles Litsky Memorial Scholarship was established by Frank Litsky '46 (CLAS), a New York Times sports writer and editor, in memory of his son, Charlie, a member of the USA BMX Hall of Fame. He was a passionate BMX racer and promoter whose expertise led him to do commentary for some of the earliest televised BMX races. He died at 32 in 1993, shortly after completing a race.

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Supported by 10 Donations:

  • Arthur P.
    I Gave $100
    Remembering Charlie, honoring his dad; both have been so important to me.
  • Mary J.
    In memory of Charlie Litsky, to honor Frank on his 91st birthday.
  • Mary J.
    In Memory of Charles Litsky
  • Sharon L. L.
    Honoring Frank Litsky on his 90th b'day with admiration & affection for him & for Charlie whom I would have liked the pleasure of knowing.
  • Jacob G.
    I Gave $200
    In honor of Frank, 90 years and going strong! Lots of love and happy birthday, Sandi, Ariel, Hannah and Jacob
  • Patricia L.
    To honor Frank Litsky on his 90th birthday.
  • Mary J.
    I Gave $250
  • malaine m.
    Happy Birthday Frank! xoxo Malaine, Jonathan, Justine and Julia
  • Frank G.
    Frank G. '94
    I Gave $90
    Given in memory of Charlie and in recognition of a Frank's 90th.
  • Mary J.
    Remembering Charlie Litsky every day.