Alternative Spring Break

Honors Across State Borders A Project of Ignite 2016

Honors Across State Borders, affectionately known as HASB, is student-run organization that is committed to community service around the United States. We offer an alternative spring break trip as well as several other events and discussions on prevalent social issues in America. We try to lend a helping hand throughout the country and locally as well. HASB was started in 2008 with an alternative break trip to Pearlington, MS, and each year, we learn from our past trip and continue to create incredible trips. We have focused on a variety of social issues in the past such as environmentalism, disaster relief, and rural poverty.

This year we traveled to Worcester, MA for HASB's first ever Fall Service Trip! We worked with the Greater Worcester Land Trust to preserve and maintain the natural environment and open spaces that are so often lost in urban areas. This March, we are traveling to Hartsville, SC for a week of service with the Darlington County Habitat for Humanity. They believe in the ideal that everyone deserves a simple and durable place to live in safety and dignity, and HASB will be helping them to eliminate substandard housing in the area.

We are fundraising to help defer the cost of our alternative spring break trip. If we raise more money than we need, the additional money will be used to fund the annual trips in future years. Or if we don't reach our goal, the funds will still be used to help lower the cost of our trip to make it more accessible to students.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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