Please help us raise money to participate in slow-pitch co-ed softball tournaments

UConn Law Softball Club A Project of Law Ignite 2016

The mission of the UConn Law Softball Club is to provide UConn's law students a chance to enjoy the game of slow-pitch co-ed softball. We aim to participate in local pick up games and organized softball tournaments. Your much needed donation will enable us to attend tournaments, particularly our annual participation in the University of Virginia Law School Softball Tournament, by helping us afford registration fees, uniforms, lodging, and travel accommodations. The 2016 UVA tournament consisted of over 50 law schools from across the country and more than 110 teams competed. We look forward to participating again this year and are hopeful to bring the championship trophy to the UConn campus. Please note if our group raises more money than our goal or we do not reach our goal, money will be used for supporting the general purpose of the UConn Law Softball Club.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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