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Pro Se A Project of Law Ignite 2016

With extra donations, we can continue to grow the e-board, market Pro Se as the extraordinary opportunity for community participation, and entice students to join the e-board next year and help keep Pro Se running. We have already excited the community and more than quadrupled our e-board. Additionally, we have connected with Storrs to disseminate our paper to the pre-law community over there. With further efforts, and further resources (such as a laptop that has Microsoft Publisher to make editing efforts easier), we can establish Pro Se as a cornerstone to community involvement.

We believe that Pro Se is one of the most fantastic and real-world-like opportunities to be involved in the legal community while still in law school. Pro Se prints articles related to events, opinions, news, and advice every month. We accept submissions from students, faculty, and staff. We disseminate useful information regarding the resources available at the law school. And we want to continue to develop the school paper. Pro Se not only provides exceptional opportunities within law school, but has also been a talking point at interviews and networking events. Firms and other employers frequently print and publish their own journals. The managerial and writing skills required to entice the community with every issue of Pro Se should become an excellent showcase of the talent UConn has to offer.

Note: If our group raises more money than our goal, proceeds will go towards supporting the general activities of the organization and will roll-over to the following years. If we do not reach our goal, funds will go to supporting the general activities of our organization.

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