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Owen F. Devereux MSE Scholarship A Project of Engineering - Honoring Professors

Funds will be used to provide undergraduate merit based scholarships in honor of Professor Owen F. Devereux to students in the Materials Science & Engineering Program.

Dr. Devereux, who died in June of 2012, joined UConn as an associate professor in 1968 with expertise in corrosion and surface science. He was among the first faculty members recruited to UConn's newly established Department of Metallurgy (now Materials Science & Engineering) and the Institute of Materials Science.

Former colleague Hal Brody, a Distinguished Professor in Materials Science & Engineering (MSE), recalls that Dr. Devereux took a leading role in establishing strong partnerships with industry that remain a hallmark of the School of Engineering today. He is credited with the establishment of two important hubs of UConn-industry collaboration, the former Grinding Research & Development Center (1988) and the Precision Manufacturing Center (1991), and although neither center survives, both laid a sound foundation for many of the School of Engineering's collaborations today. Dr. Devereux also championed and established the baccalaureate degree program in materials science and engineering.

During his long career at UConn, Dr. Devereux authored a successful textbook, Topics in Metallurgical Thermodynamics, published by John Wiley & Sons in 1983 that his former colleague, professor emeritus and first Metallurgy Department Head Arthur McEvily, regards as “A classic in its field." Former student Dane Wilson (Ph.D. '85) notes that Dr. Devereux also drew and lettered the figures appearing in the textbook. (A voracious reader, Dr. Devereux's favorite authors were Ernest Hemingway, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, James Michener, Agatha Christie and P.D. James, according to his wife, Livi.)