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Black Law Student Association

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) articulates and promotes the professional needs and goals of black law students. Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment and support system where students can share ideas, help each other during their law school experience, and ensure that our voice is heard on the law school campus. The main focus of BLSA is to promote the success of people of color in the legal community, on the law school campus, and in society as a whole.

Each year, BLSA hosts a Night of Inspiration to help facilitate dialog among students, faulty, and the community about issues plaguing the African American community. Previous themes include a panel on the Pipeline to Prison phenomenon and a theatrical play presenting great moments in African American History.

Our theme for this year's Night of Inspiration is a look at the trials, tribulations and successes achieved by UConn Law graduates throughout the years. We believe the stories of these five individuals will provide lessons and motivation to current law students, faculty and the Hartford community. We hope to raise $1,000.00 for this event.

Speakers include:

1. John Rose - Attorney Rose is the first African-American to join a major law firm in the State of Connecticut.

2. Gail Hardy - Attorney Hardy, an 11-year veteran of the Division of Criminal Justice, is the first African American appointed to the position of State's Attorney in Connecticut history.

3. Constance Green - Dr. Green was Class of 1972 and is the first African-American woman to graduate from the Law School.

4. Curtis Tearte - Attorney Tearte is a business transformation expert with over 30 years of experience in governance for not-for-profit, civic and cultural organizations.

5. Anthony Shannon - Attorney Shannon primarily handles labor relations and other education law issues for public school districts.

If we reach our goal for Night of Inspiration, additional donations will be used for other events hosted by BLSA throughout the school year, including:

Outlining Workshop: We discuss how to prepare for finals and outlining, and finding a job for summer after 1L - all from student perspectives. Presentation of useful skills for doing well in 1L year based on experiences of E-Board members and upperclassmen.

Summer Survival Workshop: Goal of this event is to help 1Ls prepare for their summer jobs. Discussions focus on how to dress, what to expect and how to standout as summer associates.

The UConn Law Ignite crowdfunding competition provides School of Law students with a platform to fundraise for their favorite causes at the School. Your gift will help teams leverage additional funding through a generous award program comprised of more than $5,000 donated by members of the UConn Law School Foundation Board of Directors. Students are given challenges each week throughout the competition and will be awarded points for winning those challenges.

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