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UConn Law Diversity Committee

Diversity Week is a campus-wide event that showcases UConn Law School's commitment to offering a safe and diverse environment. First organized in 2011, the week's activities offer community members a chance to celebrate all of the differences that make each of us unique. Throughout the week, student organizations host a variety of events that encourage community members to take pause and appreciate how each member contributes to Law School's campus culture. Community members are encouraged to continue these conversations in their lives outside of the Law School.

We are hoping to raise at least $5,000 for Diversity Week initiatives. Events will include Power of Our Narratives, Anti-Bullying Discussion with the CHRO, LGBT and the Law, Community Luncheon, and the crowd favorite You-Conn Law Showcase & Talent Show.

Any additional donations raised will support the Diversity Committee's other efforts throughout the year such as College Application and Essay Workshop, High School Moot Court Competition, Professionalism & Personality Panel, and more!

The UConn Law Ignite crowdfunding competition provides School of Law students with a platform to fundraise for their favorite causes at the School. Your gift will help teams leverage additional funding through a generous award program comprised of more than $5,000 donated by members of the UConn Law School Foundation Board of Directors. Students are given challenges each week throughout the competition and will be awarded points for winning those challenges.

The UConn Law School Foundation is pleased to partner with the UConn Foundation
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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Supported by 30 Donations:

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    Bill R. '15
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  • Bill R.
    Bill R. '15
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    Donna G.
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    Thank you for your important work on campus
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    Looking for some more Class of '95 donors!
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    Karen D. '96
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  • Pauleen C.
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    Truly appreciate the initiatives that this program offers to the community. Thank you.
  • Diane W.
    Diane W. '85
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    With appreciation for all you do.
  • Diana  L.
    Diana L. '82
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    Diana Leyden
  • Marilda G.
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    Great effort! Marilda
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    Thanks for all that you do on behalf of my alma mater and our students.
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    susan s. '82
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    Susan S. In support of LGBT initiatives
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    Perry H. '77
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    Thank you for all that you do!
  • Lee  H.
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    From your friends at Hinckley Allen.
  • Joshua L.
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    Diversity Week always makes me feel so proud to be a part of this community.
  • Daniel L.
    Deepest thanks to all who lend their support to this program. Its importance to our community cannot be overstated.
  • Timothy F.
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    This event makes me so proud of our Law School.
  • Karen L.
    Karen L. '96
    Best of luck in your fundraising efforts!