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South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) Dinner & Movie Night aims to provide an educational and cultural experience to the UConn Law School student body. South Asian Americans in the post-9/11 landscape face issues of race discrimination and hate crimes, issues addressed in the documentary titled "Raising Our Voices: South Asians Respond to Hate Crimes." We hope to bring these and other concerns to light, raising tolerance and fostering discussion amongst audience members.

Donations collected will be used to fund a professional speaker and dinner.

SALSA's Mission Statement:

The South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) focuses on the needs and goals of students of the South Asian community at UConn Law. SALSA is committed to fostering and encouraging professional excellence among South Asian attorneys and focusing on their relationships with the legal system. SALSA works to instill greater awareness of the role of students as future advocates and leaders in the South Asian community. Members hold cultural events including a tea tasting event and a Diwali/Eid event, promote networking and career opportunities among South Asian attorneys in the community, and participate in events with other various minority and ethnic groups both on and off-campus to promote cultural awareness and ethnic fraternity with the legal profession. Membership is open to all students and all are encouraged to attend meetings and events.

Any additional funds would be used to support SALSA's mission and events dedicated to career development in the legal profession and community service.

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