Help us provide students with the tools to develop negotiation, mediation, & arbitration skills through competitions, training sessions & symposiums!

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Society

The Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Society is a popular new student group at the University of Connecticut School of Law. The Society teaches students essential negotiation skills, and provides opportunities for students to practice those skills.

The Society:

  • Hosts meetings for prospective members
  • Offers negotiation skills training workshops
  • Sends teams to negotiation competitions throughout the country
  • Has sparring/practice negotiations on campus
  • Is continuing all efforts to establish the group on campus

The Society is currently looking for help in sharpening student's practical skills in the areas of mediation, negotiation, and arbitration.

In its short time of active status - one semester, the Society has already completed its first Intramural Competition. The Competition was open to the entire student body, and consisted of preliminary, semifinal, and final rounds that spanned two weeks. Students and faculty members judged competition rounds.

In November, the Society will host the American Bar Association's Negotiation Competition. Students representing law schools from the Northeast United States and Eastern Canada will compete at UConn to test their negotiation skills. In addition, forty practitioners will be brought on campus to judge and provide invaluable feedback to the competitors.

These are just two examples of the young Society's efforts to gain recognition on campus and national prominence for UConn. The Society's Executive Board and the students who have participated in the Society's meetings, information sessions, and competitions are all eager to make the Society as successful as possible.

As a new organization, the Society is eager to connect with UConn faculty, alumni and the local community in Hartford to gather additional support from all interested individuals.

With the funds raised, the Society plans to hold an opening symposium that coincides with opening day of Major League Baseball, in which experts will come to campus and share their experiences with baseball negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. The event will end with a skills workshop for all attending.

In addition, funds raised will go towards sending UConn students to compete in future competitions held in New York City and Richmond, Virginia, and other future compeitions and activities of the Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Society.

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