With YOUR help, the UConn All-Stars will continue

to showcase a new art form to the UConn community. THANK YOU!

Shoot For The Moon, Land Among The All-Stars!! A Project of Ignite 2017

With YOUR contribution, necessities such as travel expenses, competition fees, and getting apparel will be covered and will aid in the betterment and experience of the team. Being able to attend out-of-state events and competitions, helps the All-Stars branch out and continue to maintain a strong and positive legacy. If we raise more money than we need, the additional money will be used to help fund our 15 year anniversary show in the fall of 2017!

The UConn All-Stars is a non-Greek step and dance team founded in 2002. Since then, it has been our mission to empower, strengthen, and bring together the UConn community through creative expression. We instill a sense of enthusiasm and passion through our unique style. Members are welcomed into a loving, family atmosphere where they can gain an outlet to express themselves. This organization contributes to the diversity on campus and we offer an opportunity for audiences to experience a new form of entertainment and cultural insight.

$2,625 Raised
87% towards $3,000 Goal

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    Shoutout Taylor JUHURDDDD
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    All for you Colasia:)
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    For Stephanie A
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    All the best to you Ashley E. and the All-Stars. Love mom & dad xxx
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    Love you Abby! -Uncle Ben
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    Richelle Grey looks like a milk dud that fell between the couch cushions and was found 2 years later
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    Wishing your team Colasia and your team ....
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    To my niecey pooh Colasia, you better work!
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    Plus interest
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    Congrats Ash! Love Auntie Toya
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    Shout Outs To Ash & Her Team 💛💪🏽
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    Good luck team! And most of all, have fun! Special wishes to Maggie.
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    You can do this!!! Go Ashley!!!!!! Love you!!!!
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    Good luck All Stars reaching your goal! Shout out to Niambi Moore we love you!! Auntie Cheryl, Uncle Daniel, Kobie and Tahir
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    Bobby and Darlene Moore support UCONN.
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    Hey Niambi, Good Luck. Sorry it's a small amount. Love You Traci
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    Stay solid Ahsley. We are supporting you
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    Luh you baeeeeeeeee~! ❣️😍 Go Niambi
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    Karen Martinez
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    Good luck Abby! Love, UC, AK & Bri