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UConn Pre-Vet Club Ignite Fundraiser A Project of Ignite 2017

The UConn Pre-Vet Club has been providing opportunities to students interested in Veterinary medicine and animals for years. This is done through educating students on animal care, animal handling, different kinds of animals, and helping them with all steps that lead to Vet school and other career paths involving animals. However, at times, this does require funding. The most important goal of this club is to help students gain animal and veterinary related experience through trips to zoos, farms, veterinary schools, volunteering at animals shelters, and by providing them with connections to veterinary medicine related organizations and businesses. However, these trips and activities all cost money. Specifically, one trip in particular requires a great deal of planning and funding. This is the club's alternative spring break trip of choice. Through this experience, the people involved also help many animals who would otherwise not receive veterinary care. This year, there are 7 club members participating in two different trips, one to Nicaragua and one to Honduras. These trips cost thousands of dollars for each individual who goes because of travel related expenses and the expense of the equipment used to help the animals, vaccines given to animals, and other veterinary care related expenses. Our goal for this competition is to help raise as much funding as possible to offset these trips for the individuals who are so willing to volunteer and use their personal funds to go on these trips which ultimately will be helping hundreds of animals as well as helping these students reach their goals of becoming veterinarians. Any remaining funds earned through this competition will go back to the UConn Pre Veterinary Club to help fund smaller trips and activities to support the pre-vet student's goal of becoming Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. Thank you for your time and please donate to our cause!

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