Health care for those in need.

UConn SoM Outreach Clinic at South Park Inn

Your gift to the UConn School of Medicine Outreach Clinic at the South Park Inn fund supports the School of Medicine Outreach Clinic. This clinic, located in Hartford, provides future health care providers with hands-on experience and a chance to help those in need of care.

"Getting involved with the South Park Inn Clinic was something that really made me feel like a health care provider from day one of medical school. I really feel like I am making a difference in the lives of the patients who rely on the clinic for their medical needs and have no other access to health care." - Kashif Ather '15

Under the supervision of licensed physicians, medical students administer free, confidential health care to residents of the South Park Inn Shelter. Residents receive medications, preventative screening, and substance abuse counseling. The School of Medicine, through this clinic, provides a safe haven for a vulnerable population that often suffers invisibly.

Your gift will help clinic participants run the South Park Inn program, providing funds for things like medical supplies and transportation costs.

Every gift is welcome and appreciated. Below are some suggestions.

$10 - Collectively we can make a difference
$19.68 - In honor of the year medical and dental students first attended classes in temporary campus buildings
$46 - Number of years since the first students arrived on campus
$133 - Number of years since UConn was founded—thanks to a land gift from Charles and Augustus Storrs—in 1881

How You Can Help

For just $10, you can help participants purchase microscope slides.

A gift of $70 can purchase a pulse oximeter for the clinic to help measure patients' blood oxygen levels.

Three gifts of $100 can purchase a computer for the clinic to track patients' records.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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