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UConn AIAA Design Competition Fund A Project of Ignite 2017

We are UConn AIAA, the student branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics! AIAA is a national professional organization dedicated to aerospace engineering and technology. We are reaching out to you to ask for your support for our dedicated team of UConn students to compete in the AIAA CanSat Design Competition.

The CanSat design competition is an annual design-build-launch competition created by AIAA and AAS (American Astronautical Society). The competition involves the design, construction, and testing of a science vehicle to be launched on a sounding rocket intended to simulate a robotic mars glider mission. The UConn CanSat team must design this science vehicle to fit inside a container approximately the size of an Arizona can. This vehicle will need to survive the rocket launch, and then descend from apogee. The glider inside the CanSat will deploy at a specified height of 400m and needs to be designed to glide in a circle of approximately 1 kilometer. In addition to all of this, the glider vehicle must do things such as record video, send data on air pressure, temperature, and acceleration--all while being completely solar powered. And of course, the vehicle needs to survive the landing!

Participating in CanSat provides students with a rewarding hands-on engineering challenge. The team this year consists of nine students from different majors and years in school. The CanSat itself is multidisciplinary--besides the physical design, much must be done in the way of electrical engineering and programming as well. The CanSat competition is a great opportunity for students to work with people from other majors and solve a difficult problem. In addition, students obtain valuable presentation experience, both through the competition, and through design review presentations to interested Mechanical Engineering faculty.

All donations primarily will help students pay for transportation to the launch site, which is in Stephenville, Texas, in June 2017. This is especially important for us because student organizations do not qualify for funding during this timeframe, meaning the cost will fall solely on the UConn AIAA members. The money raised will also help with the costs of building materials, tools, and other supplies.

If we receive more donations than needed additional money will be used for competitions in the future and to possibly join other design-build-fly competitions. If we don't reach our goal, the donations will still go a long way towards helping student members with transportation costs. If our team doesn't make it into the top 40 teams to go to Texas, there are still plans to continue the project and launch our own rocket.

The Uconn AIAA student branch appreciates your generosity and thanks you for your support!

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