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Husky Sport

Husky Sport's vision is framed in Sport Based Youth Development (SBYD) with an emphasis on developing right, meaningful and strong relationships between Hartford North End youth, parents, and community leaders and UConn faculty, staff and students.

The outcomes of Husky Sport's vision should reveal progress toward the following objectives:

  • Increased self esteem/self worth as the participants gained interest, knowledge and improved their physical abilities
  • Increased accountability/responsibility for self as part of a small program with considerable individual attention
  • Increased connections to community/sense of belonging through working closely with mentors and peers
  • Increased knowledge/acquisition of nutrition/physical activity/life skills/academic skills from the curriculum
  • Application of those skills both within program and at home
  • Active participation/recognizing one's own influence on self/others through power-sharing

"I like trying new foods and taking home recipe cards to make healthy snacks with my family." - Third-grade student

"The Husky Sport Staff Members develop such a strong rapport with the children and engage my class in lessons and activities that are immediately useful in the children's lives." - First-grade teacher

"For me it's really about giving back and developing relationships, because relationships are so important for young kids these days. All they need is just one person to look up to, so if I can be that role model, I would hope to...influence them to make positive decisions in their life." - 2011 Husky Sport alum

How You Can Help

  • A $10 gift can buy healthy snacks for a class of 20 Hartford students.
  • For $20.03, in honor of the year Husky Sport was founded, participants can purchase sports programming materials and equipment.
  • A $50 gift can cover van transportation costs for seven volunteers to Clark School in Hartford.
  • A $133 gift, in honor of the number of years since UConn was founded, can cover van transportation for student-volunteers AND lunch for 100 kids on Saturdays, when Husky Sport partners with Hartford Catholic Workers and the Salvation Army to provide weekend community programming.

Read about NBA and former UConn basketball standout Emeka Okafor and his support of the
Husky Sport program:

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!