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Leadership in Diversity A Project of Ignite 2017

At the Forefront of Diversifying the Teacher Workforce:

Teachers of color are underrepresented in the workforce both nationally and within the state of Connecticut (Banks, 2012; Boser, 2014). In an effort to make a change, we have used our voices to create a space for ourselves in the School of Education where there wasn't one already. In Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee's Giant Steps to Change the World, the authors write "If you stare at a painting and do not see yourself there, paint your own portrait. Let the world see that you do exist...." and that is exactly what we have done. L.I.D. works to make a difference by encouraging and supporting pre-teaching and high school students of color by using our voices to foster community and success as they pursue careers in education. L.I.D. serves to create a pipeline for students of color in a historically white-dominated teacher preparation program. With your help, L.I.D. hopes to continue inspiring our teacher preparation program, and other educators, to make sustainable commitments to social justice community-building and multicultural education.

If we raise more money than our goal, the additional money will be used for workshops, networking opportunities, conferences, mentoring for club members, apparel, and literacy supplies. If we do not meet our goal we will use raised funds for workshops, networking opportunities, conferences, and mentoring for club members.

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    Keep up the great work!
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    Keep up the good work LID! Super proud of you all 😊
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    Teachers need to reflect and connect with our diverse communities. L.I.D. is an important step to broadening authentic perspectives in education.
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    The work this organization does each year is vital, now more than ever. Thank you for your contributions to the education field.
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