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To Support The Formula SAE Competition, For A Project To Build And Test A SAE Formula Car In A National Student Competition

UConn Formula SAE Team A Project of Ignite 2017

Donate $48 for Car number 48!

The UConn Formula SAE Team is a group of highly motivated students who come together to undertake one of the most challenging projects of their engineering careers. They design and build a brand new open wheeled, single seat formula style racecar from the ground up every year. Extremely light and agile, the 2017 vehicle will be the most advanced car the UConn FSAE team has ever built. Tested on the marketability, design, and racing performance of the vehicle, this project encourages students to apply every aspect of their academic training at UConn. This extraordinary achievement comes at a high cost, some of which is offset by our dedicated and generous sponsors, and the rest of which is covered by the students themselves and the help of generous people who believe in our mission.

UConn Formula SAE needs the help of generous donors like yourself to continue to compete at the level we have been. Through years of hard work, the team has been able to compete directly with teams that have resources far exceeding our own. Your donation is key to helping us continue to teach students valuable engineering skills and gain real experience while competing in an internationally recognized competition.

We thank you for your support!

Not sure what to donate? Here are some customized numbers that mean a lot to us:

$5.00 - 5th out of 25 teams overall in Formula North 2016

$11.00 - 11th place Business Presentation at Formula North 2016

$26.00 - 26th out of 120 teams overall in Michigan 2016

$48.00 - Vehicle number 48 for Michigan 2017!!

$67.00 - Top vehicle speed in competition!

$120.00 - 120 teams registered to compete at Michigan 2017!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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