To preserve the cultural diversity at UConn

To offset the costs of our team activities

UConn Husky Bhangra A Project of UConn Crowdfunding Iniatives

We are "Uconn Husky Bhangra" University of Connecticut's Premier Bhangra Team! Our team was established in 2005, and we are a very talented and passionate group.

Our mission is to raise cultural awareness through activities around campus, while promoting the UConn name at competitions and performances across the nation.

Husky Bhangra is a competitive dance team at the University of Connecticut. We perfom Bhangra, a form of dance, which originated in Punjab, India and encompasses energetic and lively moves and styles.

People of all backgrounds are welcome, no dancing experience is necessary, all of our dancers learned the dance as they joined the team and competed. Energy and passion are all that are necessary.

We appreciate all of your support!! Thank you!!

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