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Community Outreach Service Scholarship Fund

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The Office of Community Outreach's mission is to engage students in meaningful activities that enrich their learning and enhance the quality of life for others in our community. This service scholarship, to be implemented in the 2014-2015 academic year, is aimed at decreasing financial barriers for undergraduate students who wish to pursue service and civic engagement opportunities. As we are celebrating Community Outreach's 20th Anniversary this year, our goal is to give all students from various backgrounds the opportunity to Serve, Learn, Lead and Change. Please help us celebrate, and donate! Thank you for any contribution you can make.

The IGNITE scholarship was first proposed by Ali Etman, a UConn Community Outreach Alumni:

"Most importantly, whenever I encouraged my friends to apply, the question that always followed my advertisement was 'How much?' For many of them $250 is a large sum of money. I was so frustrated that money was preventing them from having a life-changing experience. I took it upon myself to change this. I told Gina that I was willing to fund three students every year if they went through a scholarship process and were selected... Without a doubt, CO has made me a better human being. I have made and will continue to make service an integral part of my life. With the money you raise, there is no telling how many students you will be giving the opportunity to improve their lives, and more importantly, the lives of others." -Ali Etman, UConn Community Outreach Alumni, Class of 2014

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This year marks Community Outreach's 20th Anniversary! The Office of Community Outreach has been serving local, national, and international communities since 1994! Help us celebrate this impressive milestone by selecting our "anniversary amount" when you donate. Thanks!

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