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The UConn Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, or AIChE, focuses on preparing young chemical engineering professionals to be leaders in industry, academia, law and policy, and many other important areas of today's society. By providing networking and social events as well as many professional development opportunities, AIChE succeeds in helping students to reach their full potential as engineers and as members of the UConn community. We are raising money to support our meetings and events, such as resume workshops, open forums, company tours, and travel to regional and national conferences. We are also working to fund supplies for our ChemE Car team, a group of dedicated students that spends hours each week building a car powered by chemical reactions for competitions. With your help, we can continue to serve those with a passion for chemical engineering.

See what being a part AIChE means to our members:

"AIChE has really opened my eyes to the possibilities that the chemical engineering program has to offer at UConn. I have always wanted to make a difference with my career and chemical engineering gives me that opportunity. I want to apply my chemical engineering degree to renewable energy and resources which is heavily dependent on chemistry and engineering. There are several opportunities through AIChE to obtain internship and research positions in all kinds of fields with the many people that you can meet through AIChE-run events. I am hoping to get an REU for next summer that involves working on renewable energy projects and AIChE will make this possible for me."

- Summer Kochersperger, Class of 2016

When I was thinking about engineering majors I thought about all the problems the world faces today and what I thought would best help me to solve them. I realized that so much of our way of life depends on chemistry, and that if I wanted to solve these problems, the key would be to not only understand engineering principles, but chemical processes as well. Chemical Engineering allows me to understand problems in all aspects of life, and solve them for the betterment of society.

-Nick Oliveira, Class of 2018

When I went to the chemical engineering presentation at Open House, I came away with one key piece of advice. The speaker said that if you were studying ChemE, you should join AIChE. Period. So I did, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Through AIChE, I've become involved in research and joined our chapter's ChemE Car team. I learned how to put together a resume and apply for internship opportunities. Being in AIChE has taught me that it's okay to put yourself out there because you can do great things. You might invent the world's best shampoo or make a breakthrough in renewable energy, and AIChE can help you with it all. Now I'm the one at Open House talking about chemical engineering and how great it is to be in AIChE. AIChE has changed my life, and I couldn't imagine it any other way."

-Paige Orlofsky, Vice President, Class of 2018

"AIChE helped me to bond with other chemical engineers. When I first joined as a freshman, I was quiet yet excited to learn more about the field. I was warmly welcomed by the upperclassmen and AIChE became my second home. AIChE helped me learn more about chemical engineering than I ever could have found out through classes alone. I discovered what chemical engineers do in different industries, what graduate school in chemical engineering is like, and the work involved in a typical day in academia. Since freshman year, I've opened up and made it my mission to give back to my AIChE community. Being a chapter president, regional liaison, and Executive Student Committee executive board member (Divisions and Forums Chair and now Chair-Elect) have all given me unique opportunities to reach a large population of students who are also passionate about chemical engineering. AIChE isn't just an organization; it is a home, a family for all of us that seek a challenge and enjoy mixing reactions with problem solving. No matter what campus a chemical engineer is on, we all bond over the length of the Navier-Stokes Equation, the importance of never forgetting no-slip boundary conditions, and the late night study struggle. AIChE has made the difference in retaining some of the best chemical engineers in our field. "

-Holly Robillard, President, Class of 2016

"CHEG is not just a career but a lifestyle. You make the decision and you accept this challenge to always strive for success. But success can only be achieved with people that support you. That's AIChE to me."

-Katherine Urena, Class of 2017

With AIChE, the possibilities are endless. We invite you to work with us to help shape the lives of these and other chemical engineering students as they strive to improve themselves personally and professionally. And who knows? If we give them the support they need now, then someday they really may change the world. Thank you for your donation!

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