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AsACC's Pan-Asian Council

The Asian American Cultural Center is home to a community of enthusiastic students dedicated to spreading cultural awareness and providing a variety of services to students across campus. From its modest beginnings, the center has developed over the last 20 years to become a vibrant space in which students can express themselves and learn more about Asian American issues. Despite the success of the center, program demands exceed what we can expend. With your contributions we hope to increase the quality and quantity of our programs and services through programming led by the Pan-Asian Council (PAC), a student organization within the department!

PAC is an umbrella organization for all of the student organizations within the Asian American Cultural Center. PAC provides a unique opportunity for all of the different, diverse Asian American cultural groups to come together to promote diversity and understanding, create a sense of community on campus and discuss ways that each leader can further their leadership skills. Pan Asian Council promotes awareness through social, cultural, and interpersonal activities by allowing for community involvement, personal development, and networking between diverse student groups within the UConn community.

PAC gives students the opportunity to explore and define their cultural identity as well as unify ideas across cultural boundaries. PAC is also responsible for the planning and implementing of two major annual events: Homecoming and Asian Nite. These events bring the entire community together and help teach/welcome others to understanding our diverse cultures within the Asian American community!

Through our past IGNITE funds, we have focused on providing opportunities for leadership development by coordinating a free student leadership conference called IMPAACT (Identifying the Missing Power of Asian Americans) which is directly funded by your Ignite donations! PAC would like to invest more in co-programing or programming for events that promote understanding and respect for all cultures, religions, and across different spheres of identity. This February, PAC also hosted UConn's Candlelight Vigil for the Chapel Hill Shooting Victims which brought over 400 people to come together to show solidarity within 4 days of planning. We want to be an organization that builds a sense of community, advocacy and brings together people to help us make UConn our home.

Since PAC hopes to provide opportunities for students to celebrate diversity, culture and understanding and host large scale events that celebrate these values, we need YOUR help! Please donate to AsACC's Pan-Asian Council to help us leave an impact on the UConn community by fostering a greater sense of community and a commitment to diversity!

We also believe in thanking our AsACC/PAC family for their support by having a little fun!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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