Help "The Pride of Connecticut" build a new rehearsal observation tower at the band field!

UConn Marching Band Tower Project

In an effort to continually improve the UConn Marching Band, Dr. Mills has announced our latest development project: a rehearsal observation tower for the band field. You'll be pleased to know that the field is now flat, smooth and safe – courtesy of the University. The tower is so important for the band's continued development. A new tower will allow the UCMB to perfect drill with 300 members by allowing the directors and other band leaders to see everyone and the forms. Currently, Dr. Mills alone can occupy the lift, the use of which has also become a liability. The death of a Notre Dame athletic staff member from a lift being blown over has called nationwide attention to an unsafe practice. The band tower's physical, visual presence will also be a reminder that the UCMB is an important part of the University of Connecticut.

The Marching Field Improvement Project encompasses a three-level observation tower for directors, instructors, and visitors, a loading dock for our two trucks, and a new storage container. Donated dollars will be put towards meeting the costs of the project.

In addition to providing a more modernized rehearsal environment to further attract prospective members and improve the public image of the band and of UConn, the tower would provide a safer workplace for our directors and inspire our performances through greater rehearsal efficiency, and thus add to the overall spirit that the band brings to UConn.

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