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UConn Puppet Arts

UConn Puppet Arts 50th Anniversary Book

In 1965, Professor Frank Ballard established the degree granting Puppet Arts Program at the University of Connecticut. This is a unique offering nationally and internationally. It is responsible for training puppet practitioners, as well as preserving and developing the art of puppetry itself. The program and its alumni have contributed to the current puppet boom on the Stage, in Television, and in Film and Digital Media throughout world. If you see a puppet on film, television, the stage or even the internet, it is very likely a UConn Puppet Arts Graduate has a hand in it. We are creators, entertainers and provocateurs. We inspire, make you laugh and cry and cause you to think.

Yet few UConn students today are even aware that their university has one of the most unique and special programs in the country. The University of Connecticut deserves the credit for establishing, maintaining and nurturing the Puppet Arts Program.

As we start celebrating our 50th anniversary, our fundraising campaign will help to create a publication that commemorate the amazing work that has been part of the UConn community since 1965. It will also support the year-long roster of events and activities that will enrich the cultural offerings available to the UConn community in academic year 2015 - 2016. All funds raised will go towards publication costs and supporting the Puppet Arts program.

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Pictured above: Skip Toumalou (aka Sarah Nolen)

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    Puppets Up!
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    I owe this program everything, from the things I learned, the artists I befriended, and the career I've had. Thanks, Puppet Arts Program!!
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    Fill the world with puppetry!
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