Help send Lambda to Lavender Law 2018!

Lambda would like to send a few students to the Lavender Law convention in August of 2018 to represent the UConn Law School community.

Lambda Law A Project of Ignite Law 2017

Funds raised through the Ignite competition will support the activities and events held by Lambda.

An example of how we might utilize Ignite funds this year is to attend a national conference.

Lambda Law is the LGBT+ group on campus at the UConn School of Law. We host events to discuss current LGBT+ issues in the law, as well as social events for the law school community to celebrate diversity. We are open to all members of the law school community who are interested in LGBT+ rights and issues.

Lambda would like to send at least one of our members to the Lavender Law Convention in August of 2018 to represent the UConn Law School community.

If we do not reach our goal or if we exceed our goal, all donations will go towards our on-campus events and budget.

Lambda is planning several events this year, including a few lunch events where we plan to host discussions about current LGBT+ issues. There will be an ice cream social for National Coming Out Day, a lunch panel about the rollback of regulation guidelines for Title IX and a panel discussion on the legal issues facing the LGBT+ family. In March of 2018 we will be hosting a panel discussion on the military transgender ban for Diversity Week on campus. Donated funds could help support these events.

Thank you so much for your support!

Your Donation Amount Has Significance:

7 - the number of states that restrict inclusion of LGBT+ topics in public schools.

17 - the number of states that have no protection against discrimination for LGBT+ employees.

20 - the number of states that do not recognize gender identity or sexual orientation for hate crimes.

40 - the number of states that permit transgender healthcare exclusions in insurance.

49 - the number of victims of a hate crime at the Pulse Nightclub (a well-known LGBT+ location) in Orlando in 2016.

Statistics gathered from the Human Rights Campaign website.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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