Natural Resources Conservation Academy A Project of The Environment

At the Natural Resources Conservation Academy, we engage students from diverse backgrounds in the environment and science through conservation projects that tackle real environmental issues throughout the state.

Since 2012, more than 100 community projects by our students have been completed throughout Connecticut. All projects have a broad-conservation focus and are designed to benefit the local community. These positive outcomes include:

  • Development of monitoring protocols and gathering data to guide management of forests and freshwater ecosystems;
  • Production of informational videos and field guides;
  • Construction of green infrastructure (e.g., rain gardens); and
  • Ecosystem restoration, among many others.

We Need Your Support!

Our program is primarily funded through private giving and we need your support. Help us continue providing individualized, tailored environmental education and expand into new communities in Connecticut and nearby states!

To ensure students from a diversity of backgrounds can participate in the Natural Resources Conservation Academy regardless of income, we offer a reduced tuition to all students and provide program fee-waivers to those needing assistance. Your donation will go a long way in helping us offer this exciting program to all who wish to participate!