To support us in our musical endeavors

and to promote women's empowerment through music!

Rubyfruit A Cappella A Project of Ignite 2018

Like Music? Believe in Girl Power? Introducing Rubyfruit!

Rubyfruit is an all-female A Cappella group from the University of Connecticut. We were founded in 1999 on the basis of female empowerment. We perform a wide variety of music both on and off campus. Our musical accomplishments include performing with several other A Cappella groups in the Northeast area, placing second in Lady Antebellum's 2012 national competition, and (most recently) opening for the Rockettes for The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall! Most importantly, we are a group of girls who have a passion for singing and simply enjoy making music together.

We are raising money for Ignite 2018 so that we can expand our musical horizons and continue to inspire and empower young women across America! While we enjoy competing and the honor of performing at prestigious locations, we often have to cover costs ourselves to apply and get to and from these opportunities. The donations we raise will go towards these travel expenses and other music production costs. If we raise more money than we need, the additional money will be used for establishing Rubyfruit's professional appearance in the a cappella world by attending workshop invitationals. Or if we don't reach our goal, the funds will be used for financing as many travel and performance costs as possible. With your donation, we can continue our hard work and more easily do what we love - make new musical memories as a Ruby family, represent the University of Connecticut in a positive and unique way, and promote women's empowerment!

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