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Support of First Year Programs and Learning Communities and Academic Achievement Center

Help us empower the UConn Undergraduate Community

UConn FYP, LC & AAC A Project of Ignite 2018

Your donation to Ignite is an investment into success of the UConn undergraduate community. FYP, LC, & AAC connects to 14,000+ students through an array of innovative programs and support services such as peer mentoring, supplemental instruction, academic success tools, and provides leadership opportunities that foster personal growth to help students get the most out of their education and serving as a cornerstone for the 94% retention rate. #94percent

The mission of the Office of First Year Programs and Learning Communities is to assist students with their transition from high school to college and to aid in the retention of students at the University of Connecticut. We provide holistic guidance, opportunities, and resources to enable students to actively engage and thrive at the University by becoming learners with a purpose. Through programs and courses like First Year Experience, Learning Communities, the Academic Achievement Center, UConn Connects, and Student Mentoring, our office works with students to realize the value of the intellectual, social, and cultural dimensions of the University of Connecticut. With an array of courses, a network for personal support, interactive online resources, and unique living/learning experiences, FYP, LC & AAC helps new students at the University of Connecticut achieve success from the start to finish.

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  • Marissa  M.
    A little something for all FYP &LC/AAC has done for me! Huskies Forever!
  • Kim M.
    Kim M. '13
    To the program that influenced my career path!
  • Michael F.
    From Sarah's Dad. I believe too. Michael
  • Sarah S.
    Any little bit I can give back to the program and students that inspire me everyday!
  • Ann T.
    I Gave $25
    Happy to support FYP!!
  • Karim A.
    I Gave $25
    FYPLC <3
  • Chloe D.
    Chloe D. '14
    I Gave $100
  • Mitchell G.
    I Gave $5
  • Silhouette
    Anonymous '17
    Made me into the leader I am today! Thanks Dave!
  • Kathy R.
    I Gave $100
  • Holly P.
    I Gave $10
  • Brian B.
  • Cathie M.
    I Gave $25
    Learning Communities at UConn are incredible and contributing towards the programming and activities is something I am happy to support.
  • Silhouette
    I Gave $10
    Global House is lit!
  • David  O.
    I Gave $200
    For all the amazing faculty, staff and students that make our work so rewarding!
  • Leo L.
    I Gave $94
    Such a privilege to work with such great student mentors! #94% #InspireUConn
  • Lucia J.
    I Gave $20
  • Bobo H.
    I Gave $25
    Thanks FYE for connecting me with UConn Nation
  • scott s.
    scott s. '17
    I Gave $5
  • Thomas O.
    I Gave $75
  • Steven Z.
    I Gave $50
    A great group of dedicated people
  • Glenn D.
    Glenn D. '77
    I Gave $25
    Keep up the good work!
  • Melissa F.
    I Gave $100
    FTS (For The Students)! They inspire me every day!
  • Cody R.
    Cody R. '07
  • Silhouette
    Anonymous '14
    I Gave $10
  • Andrew K.
    "It all starts here!"
  • Jen A.
    Jen A. '14
    I Gave $10
  • Kurt D.
    I Gave $5
  • Yijia  L.
    Yijia L. '17
    I Gave $100
  • Josh B.
    Josh B. '12
    Go Dave Go! Keep up the great work of UConn's First Year Programs!