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Help support a proud UConn club sport team!!

We need your help to win more tournaments and return to the National Championship!!

UConn Women’s Rugby Football Club A Project of Ignite 2018

Help Support UConn Women's Rugby!!

Hello there!! We are the UConn Women's Rugby Team!! As a UConn club sport, we are primarily self funded and fundraising is one of the most important ways we keep the team going. Traveling is our biggest expense as we drive ourself to every game, tournament, and championship no matter the location. While each team member pays dues at the start of each semester, they can only carry us so far, and donations from people like you allow us to continue dominating the field!

If we raise more money than we need, additional money will be used for registration in more tournaments, new uniforms, and up-to-date equipment. Additionally, we hope to start an annual "fun meet" where we invite the local community to come learn about rugby at our Depot field and play with the members of the UConn team!! We thank you for your support, and promise to continue representing the University of Connecticut both on and off the field.

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