Love the Planet and Electricity?

We do! This is the most important club at UConn Law to the future of the world...

Energy & Environmental Law Society

EELS will use your donations to help upgrade our waste disposal (recycling, composting, and trash) and reach out to companies to see the feasibility of equipping UConn Law with solar panels for onsite electrical generation. Your help with these goals are appreciated!

The New England region is a very dynamic area to be a member of environmental and energy law!

  • On the Energy side, Connecticut falls under an Independent Service Operator and sources its power from a huge array of different generation sources. One of the utilities in Connecticut is currently pending approval for its sale to a major international energy company. The fight between Transmission and Generation providers is alive and well in the de-regulated environment that Connecticut operates. Having lawyers who understand these types of issues and concepts is vital to continuing our way of life while improving our ecosystem.
  • On the Environmental side, the State of Connecticut has set aggressive goals for clean air and water. The 20/20 plan is an ambitious goal to source 20% of all power from renewable energy by the year 2020. Connecticut is home to the first "Green Bank" in the United States which facilitates the development of renewable energies. Connecticut also realizes the ecological importance of the Long Island Sound and its role in preserving that as a resource for future generations. Equipping young lawyers with the expertise to be able to go out into the legal community and contribute to these goals while helping shape policy for the future is the core of what EELS strive towards.

These examples encompass issues in the fields of: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, International Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Land Use, Eminent Domain, Intellectual Property, and many other legal realms which all have the ability to be addressed via EELS. New England is well served by having a robust group of passionate individuals who understand the synergy of the two disciplines before they leave Law School. The EELS club also allows for an informal network of lawyers that can cross-pollinate ideas, legal strategies, and future policy ideas--all while drawing on the experience and talents of the other members.

If you want well educated lawyers who can defend the environment while helping to keep the lights on, support EELS! Thank you so much for your time!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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