Donate to CSLS to fund networking opportunities for our students!

Please help us fund events to connect our law students with practicing attorneys in the corporate and securities law fields. Only through these interactions can we help students learn what these fields entail from people who practice in those areas.

Corporate & Securities Law Society

CSLS is an established society with a strong and motivated student base who are looking to expand their knowledge of these fields and determine whether they want to pursue them in their careers. Assist us in making these connections with attorneys by bringing them to campus to speak directly with our students and so we can host networking events for our students and Hartford attorneys. Any additional funds raised will go to our general fund.

Our most recent lunch-and-learn with Professor James Kwak was a big hit and offered students a unique perspective into the corporate world from someone with great insight. As the founder and former vice president of the successful software corporation, Guidewire Software, Professor Kwak spoke to students about his experience and what creating a corporation consists of. Donations to our fund can assist our society in arranging more of these events, so please consider donating even $5, as we would greatly appreciate it!

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Our E-Board, from left to right: Nico Piscopo - Vice President, Diane Rojas - President, Gabriele Scala - 1L Chairperson, and Julie Shamailova - 1L Chairperson.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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