Diversity Committee presents the 6th Annual Diversity Week

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Diversity Week 2016: Behind the Mask

Diversity Week is a campus-wide event that showcases UConn Law School's commitment to offering a safe and diverse environment. First organized in 2011, the week's activities offer community members a chance to celebrate all of the differences that make each of us unique. Throughout the week, student organizations host a variety of events that encourage community members pause and appreciate how each member contributes to our Law School's campus and culture. Community members are encouraged to continue these conversations after Diversity Week is over and in their lives outside of the Law School.

Diversity Week 2016 focuses on issues of diversity that are less often addressed and not as visible as those discussed in past years. Socio-economic, religious, mental health, and substance abuse issues are some of the issues we want to address in the courts of our week. A better understanding and acknowledgement of these issues is our goal for this year's Diversity Week.

We plan to host 9 events and bring speakers to several of them. Organizing and catering to the needs of attendees during the week is a costly task but one that is of the utmost importance to the Diversity Committee. Support from members of our community, both within, and outside of the law school, are what helps to make Diversity Week possible. We hope to have you help us reach our fundraising goal and continue the tradition of Diversity Week at UConn Law.

UPDATE: After a meeting with the Diversity Committee, we are working on planning the details of Diversity Week. Our official theme, "Behind the Mask," will highlight less visible aspects of diversity. The highlight of the week will be on Thursday evening, when we will invite a keynote speaker (to be determined) to speak to our community. A new aspect of Diversity Week that we are looking to include in the future is a community outreach project. Traditionally, there is no daytime event on the Friday of Diversity Week. The Diversity Committee would like to change this to include community "posts" in the Hartford area where law students and other members of UConn Law can help in any little way to change our community for the better.

Diversity Week 2016: Behind the Mask is scheduled for Monday, March 28 to Friday, April 1, 2016. The events that are currently confirmed are:

  • CommUnity Luncheon
  • The Power of Our Narratives 2016
  • Diversity Week Showcase

We welcome any ideas for events and would love to hear know if you are interested in participating or receiving more information for the events. Please contact sba.dc@uconn.edu or visit our page for more information.

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