Help us provide students with the tools to develop alternative dispute resolution skills through competitions, training sessions, & symposiums!

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Society

The Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Society is a popular student group at the University of Connecticut School of Law. The Society teaches students essential dispute resolution skills, and provides opportunities for students to practice those skills.

The Society:

  • Hosts meetings for prospective members,
  • Offers negotiation skills training workshops,
  • Sends teams to negotiation competitions throughout the country,
  • Has sparring/practice negotiations on campus, &
  • Is continuing all efforts to establish the group on campus.

On April 11, 2015, the society in conjunction with UConn's Graduate School of Business sent two teams consisting of 8 law students and 4 business students to compete at Villanova University in The 2nd Annual Game Day Sports Case Competition. The teams were selected from an intramural Law School - Business School Negotiation Competition.

The Society is currently looking for help in sharpening student's practical skills in the areas of mediation, negotiation, and arbitration.

In just one year, the young Society has already hosted four negotiation competitions - including the 2014 ABA Regional Negotiation Competition - and participated in numerous regional and national competitions, while simultaneously holding training seminars and sparring sessions periodically throughout the school year.

In continuing its efforts to establish a sustainable organization, the Society is eager to connect with UConn faculty, alumni and the local community in Hartford to gather additional support from all interested individuals.

With the funds raised, the Society plans to continue providing its many members opportunities to practice their alternative dispute resolution skills through competitions held throughout the country.

In addition, funds raised will go towards holding a symposium, to which noted practitioners in the field of alternative dispute resolution will be invited to speak on their experiences. All additional amounts raised will go towards the Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Society general funds used to provide more programming for students.

Thomas Holmgren '2016 practices with founding member and former president Pam Bass '2015 at Villanova University's Games Day Sports Case Competition.

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