Support the UConn Law Softball Club's trip to UVA's annual tournament

UConn Law Softball Club UVA Trip

The UConn Law Softball Club has created this page to allow more students to attend our annual trip to UVA for their law school softball tournament. Each year students are unable to go due to the high costs of the trip. This weekend is more than just a chance to play softball; for a lot of students its where they've made their best friends in law school. Its a weekend to get away from the competitive law school environment and enjoy a simple weekend of fun. It a chance to show your skills outside of the classroom.

Your donation will go to the vans and gas that take us down to the event ($1,000), the registration fees for our two teams ($1,300), the team uniforms ($300) and the hotel rooms for all participants to stay in ($1,200). These costs are the lowest estimates we could come up with at this point in time and reflect the lowest costs we were able to have in the past.

If we were able to make anything over the costs of the UVA trip, we would use the money for equipment and the renting of indoor facilities. This would be wonderful for the group as it would allow us to practice more.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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