Help Fund a MOCK TRIAL Team!

Students represent UConn Law at Trial Competitions in DC, New York, Boston, and CT.

Mock Trial Society

Empowering students to build trial skills through teamwork, hands-on learning, and trial competitions, while partnering with our local community to provide coaches/mentors to local high schools and UConn Undergrad Mock Trial programs.

What is Mock Trial?

The Mock Trial Society is an intensive academic and skill-based, student-run organization designed to prepare students for trial practice. Students learn to develop trial strategies, examine witnesses, present arguments to juries and judges, use and understand the rules of evidence and procedure while becoming familiar with courtroom etiquette. The Society is focused on providing students with practical exposure to trial tactics while emphasizing the academic areas of evidence and procedure. Our legal success is furthered through rigorous adversarial trial competition and interactive feedback from local and national courtroom advocates.

--Teams of 1L's prepare for a DAVIS 2015 Mock Trial

How Does Mock Trial Reflect the Spirit and Goals of UConn Law?

The Mock Trial Society enhances the reputation of UConn Law by succeeding at national and regional trial competitions. The Society maintains a broad network of local and regional practitioners who assist members with preparation and feedback on trial theory and practical technique.

The Mock Trial Society furthers the scholastic and practical knowledge of the UConn Law student body by arranging workshops of experienced jurists on trial strategy open to all students. The Society hosts an annual two-week intramural competition for the UConn Law student body that incorporates local judges and practitioners as competition judges who provide candid performance feedback.

The Society works with local high schools to build after school programs that educate high school students about trial practice. We provide student coaches and mentors that give their time and energy to work with high school students on fictional cases and some even compete in High School Mock Trial competitions with the help of our students!

This year the Society has partnered with the UConn Undergraduate campus at STORRS to provide coaching and mentoring for the Undergraduate Mock Trial team. Each of our members has had someone help us succeed in Law School. Our Society is passionate about giving back and enabling those who come after us to succeed.

--Sept 2015, Students gather in STARR hall for a Mock Trial Demonstration

Who can be in the Mock Trial Society?

We welcome every student! Every student is welcome to attend our workshops, help with our volunteer work, or practice with our scrimmage trial teams. If a student is interested in competing on one of our traveling competitions teams, then that student needs to participate in our annual on-campus Mock Trial competition.

See our DAVIS 2013 FLICKR page!

--2014 DAVIS Champions demonstrate their skill

Why do we need your help funding our Competition Teams?

Our Society is 100% student funded! This greatly limits the number and locality of the competitions we can attend. We stay in the cheapest hotels and count every mile that we travel! Even so a single competition for four students is around $2500. This is an average for all costs associated with a competition including transportation, hotel, registration, and printing fees. Transportation and hotel are our greatest expenses each tournament.

--Spring 2015 DC Competition Team

We currently attend 3 tournaments (total of 12 students) each school year. Last year we had 57 students apply for those 12 spots! Our goal is to attend 6 tournaments each year: 24 students able to compete. We currently have a strong network of local practitioners who work to mentor and coach our teams. We have the student interest. We are simply lacking the funding!

--Two 1L 2014 DAVIS Competitors

--The four 1L 2015 DAVIS Finalists!

What would my donation be used for?

100% of the funds donated to us will be used for our competition teams!

Here are some average costs associated with team travel:

$20 will pay for a team's trial supplies: page protectors, exhibits, binders.
$60 pays for parking in New Haven for a team catching a train into NYC or DC.
$75 will pay for the printing costs for four copies/exhibits for a competition.
$100 would pay gas/milage costs for a team to compete in Boston.
$150 will pay the roundtrip train fare for one student to compete in DC.
$200 will pay for one hotel room at a competition.
$500 will pay for registration for one competition.
$1000 will cover the entire hotel bill for single competition.
$2500 will cover an entire competition start to finish.

Every small gift helps!

Our goal is to raise as much as we can through the IGNITE campaign, but more specifically we need to raise funds for additional tournaments in the spring. Every dollar helps. We are scheduled to compete in four tournaments this year and right now only have the funds for three of them! If we are able to raise more than our goal, the funds raised through IGNITE are rollable: we will use additional funding for tournaments next year.

We are excited for the upcoming competition season and hope that you will partner with us! Any amount you give will assist our students in representing UConn Law on the national legal stage!

--Four 1L DAVIS 2015 Competitors

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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